Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am  a student. In other words I'm perpetually broke but life goes on. In order to make my money last longer my main mode of transportation is the DTC bus system. So you can understand how I end up spending large amounts of time at bus stops. I don't mind it, after all people watching is one of my favorite pass-times and no place provides me with a greater cross-section of society than a bus stop.

Being a student of sociology I find myself thinking about what kinds of homes and communities my subjects come from. I see their similarities and I notice their differences. A part of each and every one of them is stamped and marked with traits of Delhi but the rest of them is unique and different shaped by their parents, communities, schools, colleges and friends. Thus each one has a flavor that echo's Delhi but is toned and intensified by what is uniquely theirs.
My fascination with people and the culture that makes them who they are is fueled by my bus stop observations.
At the bus stops that i visit regularly I look for people that have piqued my interest before to see if there have been any discernible new developments.
Bus stops are an important part of our daily lives, a microcosm that reflects each and everyone of us in some way or other.



  1. Sociology FTW! :D

    I shall be closely following your sociological pursuits from now on :)

  2. and i will en devour to make sure that my observations are insightful and interesting

  3. that's kind of cool i never saw people at a bus stop that way. for me they're usually competition for place on the benches and eventually seats on buses. yours is a nicer way to look at it :D

  4. you're totally right people watching is lots of fun, especially if you have a friend with you :)